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 Our general rules can be sent out per request via email.

Our definition of stock, see below list.


No more than 30thousandths overbore
Stock replacement pistons- flat top not dome
Stock stroke - stock or stock replacement valves
Stock valve springs
Stock cams - no ground cams, no cheater cams
Head or Heads can be shaved or milled - no after market or homemade heads or bullets
No port and polish
Rods - can use after market rod but must be stock length
Flywheels - can use after market steel or cast iron but must have shields
No decking of block
Any Carb size

Classes for the 2002 season

We have several classes BGTPA Board reserves the right to choose classes to run at Fair and Indoor Pulls to save on time.  All classes will be run if possible.

650lb        12 & under    12.5hp        14 hitch height
700lb        12 & under    12.5hp        14 hitch height
700lb        13 & above    12.5hp        14 hitch height
800lb        13 & above         8hp        14 hitch height
800lb        13 & above    12.5hp        14 hitch height
850lb        13 & above       18hp        14 hitch height - Twin only
900lb        13 & above    12.5hp        14 hitch height
1000lb        13 & above       18hp        14 hitch height

Open Class

Must retain Stock Stroke
Safety shield requirements

1050lb        13 & above       18hp        14 hitch height - Single or Twin

Special Class:

Aluminum rear end class

Must have top shaft pulley rear end or chain driven
Bottom shaft engines only
Aluminum or cast iron rear end
Tire size 18x10.5x8 - any tire except - studs, chains, duals or paddle tires
Hitch not to exceed 12
Stock wheelbase - Front weight bracket not to be over 1ft  from front of tractor
Must have wheeley bars and rear kill switch

500lb        No age limit    12.5hp        12 hitch height